Amazingly Useful Android Apps

Wheres My Droid. Wheres My Droid is at the top of my personal list of useful Android Apps. It is a vital app for any mortal human being who has the odd memory lapse after a few too many glasses of wine or just a hectic, stressful day. We all know the scenario: We desperately need to see if that person we fancied when we were consuming our wine last night has sent the promised text; we really want to know if our partner has sent an apology via sms or email or even tried to phone (they are the reason we drowned our sorrows last night and chucked our android in some dark dingy corner, or seemingly into an infinite haystack where needles the size of elephants would be impossible to find); or we simply need to take it with us on the train or make an important phonecall. After all, our android phone is indispensable and probably the one thing we would save in a fire, apart from Fido and Angelica of course. So what do we do? Of course, we try to listen for the unmistakeable ‘Crazy Frog Popcorn’ ringtone as we dial from our landline. Nothing is heard. Head thumping, realisation dawns, of course, you always switch the volume down to zilch on a night out, after an argument or generally after getting slightly merry. You don’t need volume for facebook do you? So this is where this app really is a lifesaver. You open the app and choose an ‘attention word’ to send via sms from a friends phone to your lost android. Simple. You also choose how long your android will ring for: 30 seconds, 60 seconds or 5 minutes. Oh, and before you ask, the volume will automatically go from silent to full and within seconds your ears will pick up the strains of that annoying ringtone and you will be reunited. Just be careful you don’t trap your hand in that tight area of the settee your android has confined itself in, and don’t go losing it again when the bloke you fancied doesn’t sms you and you drown your sorrows once again. Although, yeah, go ahead because ‘Wheres My Droid’ will save the day. You can also opt for the ringtone to go back to silent once said droid is found. There is an option to use GPS or email and once I have tested these features to my satisfaction I will post about them. If you wish to donate to this developer and allow for improvements to be made simply buy for £0.62.TiKL – Touch To Talk (PTT). TiKL Touch To Talk (PTT) is a very useful app for when I have no credit to phone my friends, as I am on pay-as-you go this is a frequent need but is useful for contract users too once those minutes have ran out, which is all too soon. It can be used in phone contact mode or Facebook mode. I aren’t that keen on Facebook so have only ever used via phone contacts. So this is the perspective I am reviewing this app from. You can enjoy group calls with multiple friends with the just the touch of a button. Again I have only ever used it for contacting one person at a time. Used in this way, it seems to work faultlessly. As long as whoever you wish to contact has also downloaded and enabled this app you are good to go. Simply open the app, select contact and press the button in the middle of the touch screen. You will hear a door chime sound and then all’s you have to do is wait for a response and then keep the touch button pressed while talking in walkie talkie fashion, unpressing after to enable your friend to respond. One important thing to be aware of is that you may be in a meeting at work, at a wedding or funeral or something similar and unless your friends are aware of this you may be rudely interrupted with a TiKL call. Possibly embarrassing for yourself and others as you don’t need to accept incoming calls, and this app by-passes silent or vibrate mode and therefore everybody at work, the wedding or funeral will hear everything your friend has to say about you antics the night before. Not so funny in the light of your present situation. So it is sensible to make sure that the recipient of your call is expecting it. Aside from this, TiKL is fun, social and potentially very useful, only needing a wifi connection to use and is well worth a place on your Android.Bump. Bump is a very neat way of sharing photos, contacts or apps with friends. You simply open Bump, tap either Photos, Contacts or Apps, attach chosen item and then lightly bump hands together whilst holding your phones (recipient has to have Bump installed and open on their android to enable), and hey presto, within seconds you have shared that hilarious photograph of yourself tied to a lampost in Amsterdam on your stag-do with your best mate. Good job you trust them not to show it to your bride-to-be; she thought you were having your big night down the local and has being trying to phone you for 3 days! If like me you can be a little to lazy to implement bluetooth, this will fit that role perfectly. This app is cooler than other app sharing methods, just don’t Bump too hard, think of your precious android!

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