Demand HTC Wildfire Receives Froyo 2.2 Update!

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56 Responses to Demand HTC Wildfire Receives Froyo 2.2 Update!

  1. Matt says:

    I too am just receiving the standard vague email replies from HTC customer support.
    I bought the wildfire a month ago after the official announcement from HTC that the Desire, Legend and WILDFIRE would all be recieving Froyo, but we are just being kept waiting and are being told nothing.

    Matt (Indonesia) using SIM free Wildfire

    • Caz says:

      I totally agree with all thats been said, why should us wildfire users be treated like 2nd class customers. If we dont get this update I shall never buy a android phone, I would rather go for a iPhone, where all the updates are pushed out together. I cant see apple treating there customers the same way HTC treat us.

      I have also had the same standard response in a email from HTC, so THANKYOU HTCWILDFIREHEAVEN, for been the voice for us HTC customers.

      Oh by the way i downloaded flash 10.1, extracted the zip and put it onb SD Card, my Wildire now runs Flash 10.1 brilliantly.

  2. Mike Hoare says:

    Agree entirely with the arguments. Can’t understand why such a new product should not be upgraded.

  3. Dominic says:

    I’ve heard that wildfire won’t be capable of running flash 10.1 can you ask HTC about this?

  4. Thomas Candlish says:

    If you make a Facebook group a lot more people would be notified about this issue and you would be able to get your point across to a wider audience.

  5. Adam Davies says:

    I have just emailed HTC customer service. Still yet to receive a reply, but as I was searching the website I clicked on the developer section at the bottom of the website. In this section there is a download for developers to get named “HTC Wildfire – Froyo – 2.6.32 kernel source code”. I don’t know much about development. But wouldn’t this suggest that people are able to start developing for when froyo is on the wildfire. I could be completely wrong. but just a thought. Any reply with information would be grateful. Adam

    • It seems that you are correct Adam. After a phone call this morning to HTC your observations were confirmed. It seems also that we are going to get the Froyo 2.2 update but as to when, nothing can be confirmed. More about this will be posted. Clever find too!

  6. Adam says:

    Thank you. We’ve got some good news at least πŸ™‚

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  8. Palle says:

    Thanks mate

    This will for sure be my last HTC phone, even if they release 2.2 tomorrow. Going back to Nokia, regardless of how doomed they are. Done with Android too.

    • I am interested in why you are sick of android and not just HTC? I am quite blown away by android.

      • Palle says:

        Could be due to the wildfire – but it is very slow in everything that it does.

        Internet browsing is very slow (wifi 10mbit connection)
        Maps is awful and highly unreliable (crashes all the time)
        Navigation is awful too and will shut down without warning, meaning you have to go through the entering address again.
        With Navigation on, screen will still lock and for some reason close down Navigation – not only annoying but also dangerous in traffic, so I’ve stopped using it.
        Getting GPS position takes forever.

        My old Nokia 5800 was far superior in before mentioned items.

      • Yes, I do agree about the slowness issue and I do think that this is mainly the Wildfire, the CPU and 2.1 also. I hope that if we receive 2.2 things will speed up a little.

        I am only now getting slightly frustrated with the internet being so sluggish. Android on the whole though, I think is very exciting, kind of wish I had a Desire like my partner, I can see the difference quite markedly.

        I honestly don’t think I would rely on GPS purely using any android phone anytime soon, even the dedicated GPS units are a nightmare enough. My partners built in GPS in his Honda Accord has almost caused serious problems on plenty of occasions. From what I hear though, GPS is going to get better quite soon on android, which would also make apps such as Car Locator so much more accurate. Overall I think android is just going to keep getting better and better and HTC will get better too if they iron out their customer relation issues and treat us with respect. It isn’t too much to ask.

  9. kunle says:

    If i dont get the froyo update by 15th of Dec, i’m getting rid of the wildfire and going for samsung or motorola androids. I’ll make sure none of my friends ever buy an Htc phones again – bunch of p****s!

  10. Marios Karavasileiadis says:

    This is their reply to me today!!!!
    Dear Marios Karavasileiadis,

    Thank you for contacting HTC Europe.

    Regarding the release of 2.2 for the HTC Wildfire, those are only rumors and there are not official comments by HTC.

    We cannot comment on speculation or rumor, but we’re excited about our upcoming products and encourage you to watch for more information.

    Currently some of the phones in our Android line up will receive an upgrade, but the schedule for your phone has not yet been released. If your phone receives an upgrade, we will notify you via our website and on various social media networks including Twitter and Facebook.

    I trust this resolves your query.

    To send a reply to this message or let me know I have successfully answered your question log in to our ContactUs site using your email address and your ticket number 10BECW48ENA000154.




  11. worldleader says:

    but why not flash a custom rom like the villainrom?….-VillainROM-1.0-for-the-HTC-Wildfire

    it is a linux phone after all, no need to wait for htc…

  12. josh says:

    I have been waiting and waiting for the froyo update
    HTC loyal customers are not being treated properly….
    Will switch to Samsung if the update doesn’t show up by new year…

  13. Michael says:

    thank you so much for putting the effort into doing this. hopefully this will be the push that HTC needs to finally get us some results!

  14. Oliver Binns (a.k.a. Paper Panda 438) says:

    I’m sure HTC will get round to the update when they feel it is ready, the last thing you want to do is to rush them and have it come out half finished and just generally terrible. Don’t rush them and I’m sure it’ll be well worth the wait. Just chill they’ve said Q4 2010 according to most sources, and there’s still a few weeks of that. If it comes by then I’ll be pleased, if not I’m not too fussed, my phone is okay as it is for now. Don’t get angry, just let them take there time and lovingly prepare this update ‘cos you’ll probably be disappointed if they rush it out.

    • Hopefully this is indeed the case Oliver. I really want Froyo 2.2 mostly for the app to sd. Would be completely disappointed if it didn’t materialise. If they do honour the update then everyones faith in HTC will be restored.

  15. Michael says:

    so.. i’ve been looking around and found that
    according to the german htc facebook page HTC will be releasing froyo for wildfire in the next two weeks.
    I haven’t gotten this confirmed, but we can always hope.

  16. Michael says:

    just thought I’d let everyone know that I’m currently downloading a new update for my HTC wildfire as I type this. fingers crossed that its froyo!

  17. Michael says:

    well that was a massive dissapointment. anyone know what the update actually does? I heard it was something to do with WiFi connection?
    oh and I also looked on the HTC UK website yesterday and noticed that froyo has been released for the legend, so hopefully that means its going to be our turn very soon πŸ˜€

  18. kunle says:

    My patience just ran out!
    I’ve rooted and installed Modaco Rom
    I’m glad i did.
    The rom is very very good, u can get it here:

    • It is just a shame that people have to root and install custom roms when their patience runs out. HTC seems to stand for ‘Have to Customise’ where Wildfire is concerned. Maybe Froyo will be here soon, the rumours are getting stronger.

  19. Viku says:

    htcwildfireheaven –

    you are really carrying a good job!!
    hope your efforts give us froyo πŸ™‚

  20. Blackwasp says:

    I just happened to find that, while browsing for the froyo update on the HTC Wildfire. Lets just cross our fingers and hope it comes out before Christmas:)
    Hope this info was useful to everyone:)

    • It would definitely be a very welcome xmas present! I have browsed the same article a few days ago and it would be great if the facts are correct. Hard to tell as there have been so many conflicting articles proclaiming the correct news from the horses mouth.

  21. fotis says:

    Finaly Froyo 2.2 is here…. NICE!!!!

  22. fotis says:

    menu>settings>about phone>system updates… Wildfire finally got it… 2.2Froyo… Im downloading it right now…

  23. n shep says:

    its out now!!! My Wildfire (vodafone) is recieving the 2.2 update as we speak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Blackwasp says:

    No Live Wallpapers/no flash 10.1 I hope they give Gingerbread for Wildfire to fix that. Or perhaps a further froyo update which changes the UI. But the the rumor which I posted about it being here before Christmas (even though its only in Europe) was true after all!

  25. Michael says:

    Yuss finally!!! I too am currently downloading Froyo. This has completely made my day. Hopefully Froyo lives up to its expectations!

  26. Fotis says:

    Now we have to wait for the google music… Lets see…

  27. Andrew says:

    Was just wondering if the update is avaliable for t mobile locked phones yet second of all does the update bring the ‘htc skins’ and so forth found on the htc desire HD or Z and does it speed it up.

  28. viku says:

    We shall wait for gingerbread now
    HTC Rocks!!!! πŸ™‚

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