T-Mobile’s Advice Concerning Froyo 2.2

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5 Responses to T-Mobile’s Advice Concerning Froyo 2.2

  1. matthew says:

    i tried the trick but alas no updates for me either…

    im on a 3 contract. i check for updates every day lol

    • Very frustrating isn’t it Matthew? I am almost ready to set the wheels in motion and demand the real answers instead of all this pussy footing around. Also sick of all the bucket loads of misleading information being banded around. Would be great to hear if it works for somebody though. 🙂

  2. Znort666 says:

    Just tried it for my Wildfire, I’m with Virgin (piggyback on T-Mobile), who clearly stated that this update would be available Oct/Nov…and guess what??? No update available… Getting tired of waiting now, I, like many other, want the ability to install to SD. It really is making me wonder whether they will actually release FroYo for the Wildfire, or just force people to either upgrade to the Desire/HD or in some cases, switch phone.

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