O2 GPRS WAP Settings Workaround for HTC Wildfire

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10 Responses to O2 GPRS WAP Settings Workaround for HTC Wildfire

  1. kyle says:

    I found this very helpful but when i try to use wifi on my wildfire it does not let me on the internet or on the market is this because i unlocked my phone or something els?

    • Are you saying that your Mobile Internet works with these settings but your wifi at home doesn’t work?

      • kyle says:

        yes my mobile internet works with these settings but the wifi dosent work any where. i have tried it at many location and have tried looking for a solution but have not found 1 can you help me. thanks kyle

  2. kyle says:

    and how can i fix it

  3. ciara says:

    hi im just wondering if you can help me out lease i got a htc wilfire phone but my network was 3 so i got it unlocked to 02 but cant get any settings on it for the internet or anything and i have followed yur steps but when it comes to connect at the end to mobile connect and you tick the box its as tho it freezes on it and wont connect have you any other suggestions as i have tried everywhere and nobody can seem to help

    • The fact that you get the option to tick the box for o2 at the end of APN setup is promising. This indicates to me that these settings are correct for your mobile phone. Have you tried to implement these o2 APN settings more than once with the same result? I am at a loss as to why it freezes; If anybody has had the same problem and rectified it could you please post a comment about how you did this. Thank you. 🙂

  4. sasha says:


    I’ve tried adding these settings to my wildfire but my sim is contract o2 so is this why it still isn’t working?

    Can you tweak it for contract sims at all?


  5. sasha says:

    My phone was originally locked to 3 too :-/

  6. Joanna says:

    I have tried the above settings but still can not send MMS messages I am on O2 pay and go. I had to change my sim card to a 3G one which seemed to change over ok and I can use wifi, everything seems to work apart from the MMS even before I put in the settings. I think the phone might have been bought from vodofone as it comes up with there logo on start up.

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