To VillainROM or not to VillainROM?

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8 Responses to To VillainROM or not to VillainROM?

  1. matthew says:

    i rooted my phone using unrevoked and then installed villianrom on my wildfire and it worked perfectly well except for a location bug using the gps and also the friendstream could not sync with facebook. its a known bug. i restored my phone back to what i was using beforehand… will keep checking back and install it again at some stage once the bugs have been fixed…

  2. matthew says:

    just to let you know that once you have rooted your phone and boot up in the hboot mode then you can select nandroid and create a backup of your phone as it currently is so when you install a rom and dont like it you can then just revert it back to what it was with no hassles

  3. matthew says:

    well i decided that since i was on a mission to mod my phone i decided to go for cyanogen mod 6.1 nightly build 45… i installed the google apps and wow its superb.

    obviously the only downfall is no htc sense but tbh i can deal without it

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