HTC Quick Update

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7 Responses to HTC Quick Update

  1. Ralph Crook says:

    I bought a HTC Wildfire 4 weeks ago, with the idea that it would be upgraded soon. Is there someone who really can tell if there will be – or not – a upgrade to 2.2
    and if so, when…?

  2. Emiel says:

    Downloading an update ATM. Hope it is android 2.2

  3. Emiel says:

    Bah, seems to be an ordinary update! 😦

  4. matthew says:

    hopefully the updates will come… personally i was quite happy to just root mine and carry on but i can undertsand that a lot of ppl dont want to void guarantees etc in order to get it.

    lets wait and see what the letter brings us…

    keep up the good work

  5. am using HTC Wildfire android 2.1, i want to update 2.2,. pls tell me is this possible

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