HTC Wildfire Stopped Receiving Email and SMS?

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10 Responses to HTC Wildfire Stopped Receiving Email and SMS?

  1. Wayne says:

    This has happened to me three times now, very irritating. There are so many apps not on my phone anymore. Can’t wait for 2.2 to make this phone better.

  2. matthew says:

    im actually really glad i rooted my phone and installed cyanogenmod with 2.2… heck i even overclocked it so games like angry bird work really well now. uninstalling apps is a real pain. i had to do just that when i wanted to install opera mobile as it was massive and a few of the better games take up massive amounts of space. its crazy how much internal memory the htc apps take up though

  3. Wayne says:

    Starting to think, rooting is the way to go. I wanted to put on the new talking Santa, I had to take off half my apps and the talking tom. And still not enough room for texts. It’s a good app but its just too big so had to he removed. To be honest, I use the Astro app a huge amount to install and save my apps. It seems to be the only work around at the moment.

    • matthew says:

      yeh wayne its unfortunate that we are being pushed to do this by our suppliers tbh… cyanogenmod is what i decided to go with and i used unrevoked to root it…
      cyanogenmod will automatically install large apps to the sdcard and if you want to move an app to the sdcard you just goto application settings and move it… job done

  4. Wayne says:

    Sounds good that, will wait till Christmas and if nothing by then, will defiantly will be going down the rooting road. Can the process be reversed do you know?

    • matthew says:

      the process of rooting it cant be undone as far as im aware but once you have rooted your phone using unrevoked you can go into the boot setup and create a backup of your current setup using the ‘nandroid’ option. this is sort of like a windows system restore that saves on your memory card and you can use to revert back to the way you had it. you can have multiple bac kups too so if you decide to install a few diff roms you can make backups of them all.. its quite good really

  5. matthew says:

    that it does im afraid which is the one drawback…

    • Yeah, I thought so. Don’t think I’m brave enough to root my Wildfire at the moment then, maybe when the warranty is through. Glad you have found a solution that suits you. 🙂

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