Froyo 2.2. Downloaded and Raring to Go

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12 Responses to Froyo 2.2. Downloaded and Raring to Go

  1. Matt says:

    Thank you once again for a very imformative post..

    Just a couple of mentions;
    I am living in Asia (Indonesia), so as yet have not had the good fortune of recieving the 2.2 update. One of the downsides of leaving the UK, I suppose!!
    As of today, I still did not even recieve the smaller update that was reported on the internet a week or two back. So basically my Wildfire is still on 2.1 update 1, software version 1.25.707.1.

    As of two or three days ago my ‘Android Market’ has been updated to the newer version. Although I probably don’t have access to all the same Apps available to 2.2 users.

    After reading your post I also refreshed my HTC widgets, and the ones you mentioned appeared; ‘Sand timer’, ‘fake call’, ‘Battery’, ‘Fortune cookie’ etc..

    So, I believe that these two features are not actually part of the 2.2 update, but were just updated automatically.

    I am still eagerly awaiting my update to 2.2 though, as most people I want the ability to move Apps to SD, which I feel will by far be the most useful addition.


    • Thank you for pointing out that the widgets were there when you refreshed. You are correct in my opinion about Apps to SD being the most useful. Let us know when you get the update, or indeed if you are still waiting in a week or two.

  2. G.Maurin says:

    In france on Bouygues, still no Froyo !!!!

  3. LnxTx says:

    I have 2.2.1 (2.22.405.1) but no changes in camera application =>

  4. shakor says:

    How did you get the homescreen for “On the Fourth Day of Christmas HTC sent Lots of Lovely Widgets” i am kinda tired of htc sense can you tell me how you got that?

  5. Sweepdroid says:

    Well done on keeping us up to speed on the whole Froyo-Wildfire saga. I have to say I haven’t noticed any speed improvements whatsoever since updating. Will you be doing any reviews of custom ROMs? Like the above poster I grow tired of HTC Sense

    • Snap, I haven’t noticed any increase in speed either, either very subtle or not really happening. Will have to see after a little more use. Yes, I intend on doing a full catergory on Rooting and Custom Roms. So look out for that.

  6. matthew says:

    yeh i dont miss sense whatsoever since i rooted and installed cyanogen mod

  7. Matt says:

    Downloading the 2.2 Froyo update now in Indonesiaa.. Seen that people in India have been getting the update today too. Will post some feedback once i’ve played around with it for a bit…

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