Laying Down Roots for HTC Wildfire

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3 Responses to Laying Down Roots for HTC Wildfire

  1. matthew says:

    its worthwhile noting that if you have currently upgraded to the legitimate froyo froyo update then you can no longer root your phone(at least not right now) due to the new bootloader that htc have stuck in the patch… you will have to wait a while for the modders to crack it….

    i personally love my rooted phone and prefer cyanogen mod to villianrom…

    nandroid backups are as you say essential and if you make one its also worthwhile copying that backup to your pc to free up the space and also because its safer to have a backup

    • matthew says:

      as a side note i can fully understand peoples reluctance to root their phones and if your not confident playing around with your gear and potentially breaking it then please dont do it…. be fully aware that while it probably wont happen it IS still a possibility

  2. Cheers for that information Matthew. And thank you for your useful, knowledgeable contributions.

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